Neeka’s Story

Welcome to the story I’m writing about Neeka Delgado, the half-elven UAV (drone) racer; the human guy she meets at a race, named Tolo; and now the ork private investigator named Asher O’Leary, set in a futuristic cyberpunk world…

These chapters have been written out of order using the WordPress Discovery Challenge writing prompts, but below is the story order — each link will take you to that chapter.  I have tried to take out any spoilers, but this is based on a plot overview I wrote at the beginning of a later chapter.




There are some vignettes from Neeka’s childhood and early adulthood that give you some backstory on her character.




dragon_tattoo_by_spirit_candy (cropped)



Neeka attended a not-quite-legal UAV race at a huge mall that is closed for the night.

(This is the official Chapter 1 and the beginning of the story)



dragon_tattoo_by_starless_night (cropped)




She meets another racer there, they have a chat, and then they decide to take a walk together.








They ended up in an interesting location and chatted some more.  (Here’s the beginning of this scene written in a weird Screenplay format I was trying for a “risk.”)




ce-battle_of_the_dragons_water_dragon_by_auriv1 (detail)



Neeka and Tolo go on a “daring adventure,” taking a wild ride and getting pretty cozy too before their daring escape.




Fire Breathing Dragon Drone



The next day, Neeka goes into work as usual, but gets stopped at the security gate by a new minder.



(There’s going to be some scene of her at work, also not written yet.)



After work, Neeka jumps on a bus home, excited about another event being held that night.  She gets a weird feeling though, and gets off her bus a stop early to walk the rest of the way.

(Note that this was the first scene written for the story, so it’s missing some details that will be added in the rewrite, such as Neeka thinking about the night before.)


duo_dragons_by_imeanbusiness (detail)



The weird feeling sticks with Neeka and when she gets to her apartment, something interesting happens.




Tribal Dragon Tattoo by Leahriel (detail)



Once all the excitement dies down, Neeka has a conversation that raises more questions than answers…





josh__s_dragon_tattoo_by_syker (detail)



Neeka continues her conversation with P.I. Asher O’Leary as she’s trying to leave for the race that night.

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